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Alaina offers private piano, guitar, and voice lessons (ages 3 through adult) in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Lessons are fun and tailored to a student’s personal goals—whether they are looking to improve their vocal technique, master a series of Preludes, prepare for middle or high school auditions, or simply learn their instrument for the first time. 


Her goal as a teacher is to guide students in finding and developing their passion for music. This is done by addressing what interests and inspires each student and through that interest, implementing core musical concepts such as music theory, aural skills, and technique. 

Alaina focuses on a balanced teaching style that takes a holistic look at each student’s needs and goals. She measures success not by a student’s mastery of a song, but instead by the student’s overall relationship with their music practice. 



If you are interested in lessons, please send an email to lessons@alainaferris.com or use this form.

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