"What Mr. Gelb and his excellent company have made from it, though, is a sort of redemptive love letter to theater history, faithful in a minimalist way to the promise of their subtitle: “An Original Magical and Spectacular Musical Drama.” With live music (played mainly by members of the eight-person cast) that is often arrestingly lovely, it is fluent in the stage language of then and now. "
-The New York Times


"Mr. Wellman’s eclectic works are often hard to penetrate, but Meghan Finn, the director, has gotten the most out of this one, aided by haunting music composed by Alaina Ferris”
-The New York Times

"Alaina Ferris scores haunting vocal interludes."
-Time Out New York

"With a seductive score by Alaina Ferris, the moon cats sing and dance throughout the show—often playing instruments too—like a sexy Greek chorus hell bent on mysterious entertainment."
-Theater is Easy

"The haunting music by Alaina Ferris is delivered like a Greek chorus howling at the moon in perfect pitch"
-Times Square Chronicles

"Alaina Ferris’s musical composition befits the subject material perfectly, alternating seamlessly between playful and haunting."

"The Mooncats, singing the fabulous music of Alaina Ferris, offer solemnity and cosmic grace."
-New York Theater Review


"Toilet Fire's [reveals] lyrical moments. Brought on by the music performed live during the show, said moments fall under the able fingers, crystal-clear tone and naive, enchanted-like demeanor of the skilled Alaina Ferris."
-Theater Is Easy

"Throughout the service, the vibrant Alaina Ferris provides musical accompaniment on the piano [...] She smiles sweetly, sings beautifully, and occasionally gives longing looks to the Bent’s priest."
- New York Theater Review


"The performers are relentlessly skillful and showcase their pliability throughout. And the gorgeous ethereal sounds of musician/singer/composer Alaina Ferris make the experience truly special."


"Small Dream Ada, which is highlighted by Alaina Ferris's stunning vocals, [is] at times ethereal and dreamy, Golden Propeller is a gorgeous collaboration."