By William Shakespeare
Directed and Choreographed by Charise Greene
Music by Alaina Ferris


Shakespeare's first experimental foray into stage tragicomedy, Pericles embodies the attractions of early-modern popular theatre and provides a uniquely challenging work for contemporary performance because it involves incest, intrigue, pirates, and prostitutes. How do we deal with these topics in today’s world, where sexist narratives must be reevaluated? Shakespeare's collaborative Pericles was popular in its day, scorned by Shakespeare's great rival Ben Jonson, and mysteriously omitted from the 1623 collected edition of his plays.


Barnard College Department of Theater and Columbia University Major in Drama & Theatre Arts
Minor Latham Playhouse

March 2nd-4th, 2017


Marina’s Song
Lyrics by Alaina Ferris
Sung by Alaina Ferris and Lacy Rose

Of Your Fair Courtesy
Featuring Isaac Calvin
Sung by Brian Cavanagh-Strong, Andrew Sheron, Alaina Ferris, Lacy Rose

Music of the Spheres
Sung by Isaac Calvin, Brian Cavanagh-Strong, Andrew Sheron, Alaina Ferris. Lacy Rose

Recorded at Mirrortone Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Roman Molino Dunn

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Featuring: Barnard and Columbia students

Director: Charise Greene
Music Director: Alaina Ferris
Scenic Design: Robin Vest
Costume Design: Lacey Bookspan
Lighting Design: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Sound Design: Avi Amon
Assistant Direction: Lauren Cannon
Stage Management: Daphne Liu