“I took voice lessons with Alaina in Boulder. She is the best music teacher I’ve ever had. She is very knowledgeable about every musical aspect we explored, and she is good at communicating her knowledge. She’s also very patient, which was quite a good thing for me. I very much enjoyed the lessons, and I’d still be taking lessons if she hadn’t moved about 2000 miles away.” -Daniel. Boulder, CO.

“Alaina is a wonderful teacher! She takes the time to work with you and your natural abilities. In my lessons with her, I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. She always helped me get into a really comfortable zone to bring out the best in my abilities in both voice and piano.” -Megan. Boulder, CO.

“An Amazing and Inspiring Music Teacher Alaina makes you feel like a serious musician even if music is just a hobby of yours. When I started lessons with Alaina, I wanted to improve my theory, sight reading and composition skills. I was thrilled to see that she was highly skilled in all of those areas. She had a number of unique techniques to help me get past creative blocks and to iron out old kinks in my playing. She consistently went beyond what was expected of her as a teacher: She would often bring in scores I had mentioned liking in passing, even literature. When I needed to hear myself playing a piece, she brought in her own recording equipment. I have had many different piano teachers over the past few years and the thing that was unique about Alaina was that she really cared whether or not I achieved the goals I set for myself. She encouraged me to try things I thought I wasn’t capable of, and with her help I was almost always able to achieve those goals.” -Calum. Boulder, CO.

“Alaina Took My Piano Playing to the Next Level I had not played or studied seriously in 20 years. Then I turned to Alaina because I wanted to study jazz theory and jazz voicings to take my jazz piano playing to the next level. Alaina spent time listening to what I wanted to accomplish with my lessons. She listened to my playing and developed a personalized plan for me. We set goals, stayed focused, and I grew in my understanding of how to approach jazz standards. Every lesson was a surprise, filled with fun, challenges and goal setting. Every week we built upon my understanding of the theory, and she showed me how to apply the different modes to my voicings. Alaina pushed me beyond my comfort level so I would grow as a musician. She always made me laugh and created a learning environment that made me want to work hard.” -George. Boulder, CO.

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying voice with Alaina. Alaina’s instruction helped me to understand how sound is created and how to improve my sound though proper form and exercises. Alaina’s lessons were fun and flexible; she genuinely values the student’s input on the direction of each lesson. However, one of the most wonderful things about lessons with Alaina is that she encouraging, no matter what your level or ability, and she focuses on progress not perfection.”-Kim. Brooklyn, NY.